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Just which Steam Shower specialist stands out as the best?

So you have chosen to purchase a bath steam shower! A very good choice I must say.With steam shower now being one of the most desirable items in the bathroom there is today numerous manufacturer on the market trying to convince you to buy there goods. No surprise also is the probability that each manufacture will claim to be the biggest and best selling the best goods with everyone else in there shadow, so how exactly do you spot the good and the bad??

Question one

How long is the warranty for the unit, what does it cover and who covers it??

Read the small print. These are the questions you need to ask. There's lots of companies that only offer a 12 months warranty which in reality is not good at all. If i was buying the cheapest toaster I could find then this would be reasonable, but I'm spending thousands on a steam shower unit, and not a toaster so do I really fancy it going wrong after 13 months, 18 months or even 24 months??

In reality a 5 year warranty is what you need to be looking for. This is not to say that the shower will only last this long, But it does reflect a little on the quality of the items and the faith the manufacture has in its reliability.

Which leads us to Question 2

How long has the company been in the steam shower business

Theres will always be a younger faster model of you in the wings looking at you thinking I want what he has and maybe he will work that extra bit to get it. But you've been there seen it and have got the t-shirt and the same could be said for your shower company. To make the assumption that a company that has been around for many years must have stood the test of time with good reason is not a bad assumption to make. Can you image even if you did get a five year warranty with the unit that when you did come to make a claim these was no company there to make it to!!

Question 3, 4, 5 and 6

Ask everything and expect an answer. With a decent company comes decent people with decent training/knowledge, and with this its reasonable to expect that even the phone operative which ever one you get should be able to get an answer to all of even your most technical questions.

The fact that a company may assist you in the first place probably means they will be in a better position to help you in a real emergency.

The big 3 companies are Aqualusso, Insignia and Aquaplus and you cant really go wrong if you can find a company that sells these products. Thats not to say you cannot find a good shower from else where, but outside of these big 3 you should really be looking to do your homework first. See this RELATED BLOG.

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