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November 14 2013


Not Just a Steam Shower Bath

Some steam shower bath units come equipped with music and phone connections. These units are fitted with a panel upon which one could connect their cell phones, iPods, CD players, MP3 Players, radio etc. These units provide the bather with all the luxury of listening to music while bathing and also the capability to stay connected with world while indulging into the bath. Some of the steam shower bath units also have fittings like a shampoo/ conditioner/ soap dispenser, that could be refilled over and over again. There are body jets, hand held & over head showers, which enhance the bathers experience further. These often have thermostatic valve controllers. The steam shower bath units usually have a seat built in for the bather's comfort. What is more to that there are foot massagers attached into the unit. These can be spread in the floor. Water sprays up for the massager and massages the feet belonging to the bather.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Owning a Steam Shower

For those who are are considering purchasing a steam shower with regards to their home, you should consider shopping on the web. You will be surprised by how easy it would be to compare prices, sort through your options, and learn as much information as it can about steam showers. Steam showers are regarded as a home improvement option that can add with regard to the overall value of your own home. You can be reaping the health benefits that steam showers can provide to users as well. These benefits can include improved overall appearance and condition of our skin. Steam showers have been utilized by many ancient cultures who believed in their healing powers. Steam showers cause you to sweat, which helps remove harmful chemicals and toxins from the body. This can improve your overall sense of well being. Steam showers can also improve circulation by opening up the capillaries in your body to improve blood circulation. The benefits are numerous as well as the risks are few. View our Website.

Additional Features for one's Steam Room

A steam room is a pretty basic bathroom fixture. It, in itself, can already live up to plenty of your expectations. Some people, though, are still not satisfied with its performance. For this reason they purchase addons that bring out additional features of the device. Here are a few of them:

1. Foot massage - What could become more relaxing than a steam session? The answer is a steam session coupled with a foot massage. The body is easily massaged by hydro massage jets that are contained in most steam rooms. However, our feet are not covered by those. For this reason an extra foot massage really helps.

2. LED lighting - Usually, steam rooms are not illuminated in every way. They rely in the bathroom's light source. With this particular feature, one can see clearly throughout the room. Plus, LEDs utilize very little power. Due to this, one could stop using the bathroom lights and employ the one in the steam room instead. Also See this SITE.

How exactly to Deal with a Damaged Steam Room

A steam room is an excellent piece of equipment. It is usually made of fine materials and was created by professional laborers and machines. As such, it is supposed to last for a very long time. However, certain factors can shorten the life span in this steam room drastically. When your steam room gets damaged, be sure you still have your warranty papers.Check if the warranty is still intact. That should save you a great deal on repair costs. Whether it is, please do not be in a rush to transmit this product to the supplier. Allow it to be a point to call first and ask how you should proceed. This will be because only a few of them have the same protocols. One supplier might ask one to send the steam room to their office. Others might ask one to send it elsewhere as they please do not have mechanics in their office. Calling in front of time helps save you some time energy.

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November 06 2013


Just which Steam Shower specialist stands out as the best?

So you have chosen to purchase a bath steam shower! A very good choice I must say.With steam shower now being one of the most desirable items in the bathroom there is today numerous manufacturer on the market trying to convince you to buy there goods. No surprise also is the probability that each manufacture will claim to be the biggest and best selling the best goods with everyone else in there shadow, so how exactly do you spot the good and the bad??

Question one

How long is the warranty for the unit, what does it cover and who covers it??

Read the small print. These are the questions you need to ask. There's lots of companies that only offer a 12 months warranty which in reality is not good at all. If i was buying the cheapest toaster I could find then this would be reasonable, but I'm spending thousands on a steam shower unit, and not a toaster so do I really fancy it going wrong after 13 months, 18 months or even 24 months??

In reality a 5 year warranty is what you need to be looking for. This is not to say that the shower will only last this long, But it does reflect a little on the quality of the items and the faith the manufacture has in its reliability.

Which leads us to Question 2

How long has the company been in the steam shower business

Theres will always be a younger faster model of you in the wings looking at you thinking I want what he has and maybe he will work that extra bit to get it. But you've been there seen it and have got the t-shirt and the same could be said for your shower company. To make the assumption that a company that has been around for many years must have stood the test of time with good reason is not a bad assumption to make. Can you image even if you did get a five year warranty with the unit that when you did come to make a claim these was no company there to make it to!!

Question 3, 4, 5 and 6

Ask everything and expect an answer. With a decent company comes decent people with decent training/knowledge, and with this its reasonable to expect that even the phone operative which ever one you get should be able to get an answer to all of even your most technical questions.

The fact that a company may assist you in the first place probably means they will be in a better position to help you in a real emergency.

The big 3 companies are Aqualusso, Insignia and Aquaplus and you cant really go wrong if you can find a company that sells these products. Thats not to say you cannot find a good shower from else where, but outside of these big 3 you should really be looking to do your homework first. See this RELATED BLOG.

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October 30 2013


Choosing The Ideal Steam Shower Cabin

Steam shower cabins precisely like the bathrooms that they will be situated in arrive in countless varied sizes, shapes and layouts. Stemming from customer demand and the companies desire to become the leader in the field, its now difficult not to track down a steam shower that will not completely compliment your bathroom layout.

Though this is truly great and it's alway the most preferred to enjoy a wider range of goods and shapes at our disposal to choose from it is a good idea to recognize the fundamental principles of fitting a steam shower before diving in and purchasing.

The first and foremost golden rule is this:

""Allow the size of the shower plus the size of a body"

Crash here and the job is now over!! The easiest mistake to make is to look at a space and think, well I want a snug fit for my shower

This will certainly not work!!!

This cannot and will not happen For any and all steam shower cabin installations the installer will need to physically get behind the unit to make all the connections and put the panels together. In almost all case the shower unit is built full to completion then and only then is it pushed back into that gap and its final resting position. If you don't have this addition room it will be impossible to install your shower. For Assistance CONTACT US.

Another important rule is the height above the unit:

A steam shower will be giving off a lot of steam. It is important to either think of the height above the unit or to think of the material of that roof above, Imagine if your immediate ceiling was painted with emulsion which the steam would just eat leaving to drip on your shower or worse still untreated wood?? Many of the popular steam shower cabins come with a extractor fan but will you be ducting this straight outside??  The next best thing would be to have an additional running extractor in the bathroom in use while using the shower, but not everyone will have this luxury. So in this scenario it because a judgment call, the elements versus the environment and the the materials in the bathroom effected such as furniture.

Then the rule thats so obvious its easy to miss

Mini me Vs Supersize Me

Sounds crazy but you be suprised how many steam showers are returned or swopped due to this, sounds easy Simply rip out the old, forget paying for tiles, a tiler and decoration, simply install a free standing steam shower in its place, simple. Well yeah, but be carefully here not to completely over do it by installing a monster of a unit in the middle of a tightly spaced ensuite and additionally be careful to fully study all sizes and drawings of units when buying. Because a units is advertised as a corner unit 900 x 900 this may not mean that its 900 across the back against the wall. The unit might be curved fronted so it could mean its 900mm to the most pertuding part of that curve and less across the wall. View our FACEBOOK.

RULE: Think twice, do it once

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